Let’s talk possibility

Art Box is the working title of an arts incubator in its imagining stages, its envisioning stages for Flagstaff, Arizona.

Art Box Flagstaff is the name of this blog, created as a forum for anyone interested in joining the discussion, contributing ideas, musing over suggestions, following the evolution and engaging in possibility. I’m Laura Kelly, the project director for the planning phase of Art Box. I’ve been hired by the Flagstaff Cultural Partners to continue the conversation about an arts incubator. I’ll curate this blog, serve as air traffic controller, librarian and moderator.

Join the conversation. Pass this site along to your friends. Post your comments. Click onto the links on the right side of this page to learn more about arts incubators around the country, to read opinions of deep thinkers and entrepreneurs in the arts, to be guided by tools for maneuvering through the business of the arts.

Join the conversation and become a guest blogger. Or type your comments to blog posts to make this a dialogue. Be a part of creating something vital, something vibrant.

For just this once: Think inside the Box.


One comment

  1. msatterwhite

    Flagstaff has riches not yet tapped in the way of cultural assets. I for one am thankful for John “JT” Tannous’ insight to tap Laura Kelly to lead this exploratory effort. But everyone who reads this should realize Laura’s role is to be a very creative and intelligent catalyst. We all together, and our ideas, are the fuel, air and fire. Give generously of your time and thoughts and we all will benefit.

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