Food for thought from days of yore



  1. Ursula Wallentin

    I think an “old world” artists’ guild space in Flagstaff would be amazing. I dabble in pottery and would love if we had a communal space for artists of all stripes to make, display, and sell art. Is there a de-commissioned school or other such building around Flagstaff for which the city or county could give us a free or very low rent lease?

  2. Kira

    my husband is an artist, has a degree in ceramics, and having access to equipment is the biggest challenge. Kilns, wheels, etc (and for me with a background in jewelrymaking), there are many pieces of equipment required to be successful. My husband takes classes just so he has access to materials and equipment. Also, another resource is having photography to promote your wares, as many galleries require professional photos. We’d be more than happy to pay fees for a communal type space where we could fire pieces as necessary, or something where you could donate pieces in trade to use the space? Just some ideas.
    Thanks. It would also be wonderful to have a space that can serve as a gallery as well.

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