Arts incubator forum

5:30 p.m.

Tuesday, December 11


Moderated by Laura Kelly, the forum will update the community about the arts incubator concept and process. The forum is open to all.




  1. jean hockman

    laura, there is an artist retreat in Roswell NM. I don’t know if it meets your category. I visited once (My sister lives in Roswell). It is a rather large gallery that sponsors artist in residence as a sort of retreat. Jean Hockman

  2. Judy Sall

    This looks very interesting! I have passed the info on to a group of Artists/Crafters in Northern Arizona, and hope many of them show up for the discussion. I am very interested in finding a venue where fiber arts classes could be taught, and hope the concept that is born of this forum would include teaching space! Hope to see a good turnout there!

  3. Judy Sall

    Just had a few moments to look at the website for the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Va – What an awesome concept! May be a lot for us to strive for here in Flag, but it is certainly a wonderful example of what can be done with enough time, resources and support from within the community!

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