A room with a view

written by guest blogger Steve Warburton

I sat in on your ArtBox intro and am very curious as to what the ultimate form will be.  One idea I’d like to pass along is derived from a book by Marilyn Friedman called “Selling Good Design: Promoting the Early Modern Interior”.  In it, she details how designers in the 1920s were frustrated by American lack of vision in home décor.  While Europeans were embracing Art Deco and modernity, most Americans were content to live with Colonial style.  In a coordinated effort between retail centers (who wanted to sell new items) and designers (who wanted a modern canvas), they produced modern showrooms showing furniture, upholstery, lighting, textiles etc, in the modern idiom and all in a room-like setting, to show customers what a modern room might look like (since many had never seen an example).

My idea of the relevance of this to Artbox might step over the line of Art v. Craft, but imagine if local commercial artisans furnished a “room” somewhere where the public could stroll by and see an entire room furnished by local makers.  It might make them rethink how they do home interiors, and the same for local designers.  Of course, as a furniture maker, my interest is obvious.  But I find the idea intriguing in any event.  Flagstaff values its local makers, but perhaps residents need help to expand their vision of what could happen!

In any event, best of luck with ArtBox and thanks for your efforts!



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