Our second forum

WHO: You and anyone you know in or influenced by the arts.
WHAT: A forum for updates on the arts incubator.
WHEN: Thursday, May 2, 5-6 p.m.
WHERE: Coconino Center for the Arts
WHY: Because you have something to say. And something to hear.




  1. jean hockman

    Laura that is the date and time of the Literacy Volunteers Spelling Bee so I am unable to attend. Jean Hockman

  2. Elizabeth

    After attending last week’s forum, I see the concept of a cohort as a necessity. It is the same approach in graduate programs or FLP and has a number of proven positive results. We discussed some of them with the example of presenting in front of groups– partnerships, trust, ease, etc.
    Another result that was not discussed but deserves more attention is the outcome of networking. As an example- even if Artist A has been doing their books for 10 years, they may meet someone in the program that has an accounting degree, works for another non-profit, and ends up developing a relationship with Artist A and offers to do the books for them- maybe joins a committee or a board that Artist A is on, etc, etc. The same example could go for marketing efforts, or arranging exhibits/events, etc. The long-standing relationships that are formed is the real gem of it, and that cannot happen without a committed cohort.
    If artists/ administrators want to take a single course on quickbooks or on public speaking, they can do so at CCC. As I see it, the most important purpose of ABI is to build a class of colleagues and that should be a priority of the program.

    • Phyllis Thompson

      Elizabeth — Your points are well taken, though there might be other issues with cohorts — in-group/out-group problems and such — unless they are well handled. I have detailed these in a (much!) longer comment after Laura’s description of the overall plan she presented at this forum.

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